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Madison Metropolitan School District

Principal's Corner

On behalf of the Huegel family I would like to welcome you to Huegel Elementary School, home of the Huegel Eagles!  Our school is tucked into a wonderful neighborhood community located on the southwest side of Madison and has a unique round layout that some say looks from the air like a person playing a trumpet. Our students enjoy a large, grassy playground, prairie area, outdoor classroom, and a school garden.

Community is very important at Huegel Elementary!  Our school family is supported by three parent organizations that help ensure everyone finds a home at Huegel. Families have opportunities to get involved in our PTO, which supports our school through fundraising and planning school wide enrichment opportunities. We also host the Huegel African American Parent Power and Engagement Network (HAPPEN) and Latino Parent Group, which offer affinity spaces for parents and caregivers. All three organizations work together and with school staff to care for each other, promote school wide activities, and contribute to the strong sense of community at Huegel.  

Students at Huegel are provided a top notch education that prepares them for their futures.  A rigorous, standards-based curriculum is provided through quality, culturally relevant instructional activities. Our professional teachers collaborate with a talented group of instructional specialists to ensure that all students learn and grow.  We believe in educating the whole child, and are proud of our physical education, arts, and STEM classes.  We also have a vibrant makerspace area that allows our Eagles to explore concepts and create products, from robotics to weaving and everything in between.  

At Huegel we recognize and value each child’s unique gifts and we believe in nurturing each child’s curiosity, social development, and academic growth.  In partnership with families, we prepare every child to pursue their dreams!  
Angie Montpas