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Madison Metropolitan School District

Traffic Plan

Safety First

Thank you for your partnership in keeping all of our students safe. We would like your support in order to maintain a safe and secure building at Huegel.

Bus Drop off Area

The bus drop off area is directly outside of the school on Prairie Rd. This is a no parking zone.

Parking Areas

Parking is available on the West side of Prairie Rd. (The side opposite of the school)

Parking is also available on both sides of Monticello Way. A sidewalk is accessible from Monticello Way to the school building.

Drop Off & Pickup Area

There is a drop off & pickup zone behind the bus drop off area

Drop Off Area

There is also a drop off area on the corner of Monticello Way and Prairie Rd. This is a no parking area and is for drop off only.

Huegel Parking Map (Explained on page)

Green Indicates recommend parking
Yellow Indicates drop-off/pick-up allowed
Orange Indicates drop off allowed - NO PARKING
Red Indicates NO PARKING