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1.     Will we have an opportunity to meet our child's teacher before the school year begins?

All families will find out their child’s teacher at our Back to School BBQ on Thursday, August 28 between 4:30 and 6:00. At the BBQ you will also be able to meet your child’s teacher, drop off school supplies, sign up for a Ready, Set, Goal conference, and enjoy a hot dog with other families!

2.     Where do we go on the first day of school?

Supervision begins at 8:30. 4K students meet by Door # 3 (near the playground) at 8:30 and go right into their classroom. Kindergarten through 2nd graders line up on the blacktop; 3rd graders line up by Door # 4 (near the flag pole); and 4th/5th graders line up by Door # 5 (by the prairie).

Classroom teachers will come outside to meet the children. The children will be assisted by other Huegel staff so that they find their new teacher. We encourage parents to say their good-byes to the children at this time.

3.     My child rides a bus to school. Who will meet him/her at the school bus drop-off and get them to where they need to be on the first day and first week?

Children who ride the bus will be met by Huegel staff and guided to their appropriate line up spots.

We strongly encourage families to have their child ride the bus on the first day of school so that we can get accurate student numbers for each route. We want to make certain that our projected student numbers are accurate and that no bus is over capacity.

4.     Will the bus driver know where my child is to get off the bus after school? My child may not know where to get off the bus during the first week of school. Will the bus driver help my child during the first week of school?

Most Huegel buses have an attendant on the bus in addition to the bus driver. A list of students and their addresses have been given to the bus company prior to the first day of classes. We encourage parents of primary age children to put a note card or a label on their child's clothing since we have found that some young children do not know their address and are hesitant to provide their name to the driver or attendant.

It is also helpful to have the child ride the bus in the morning of the first day of school so that they can see where they get on and off. In addition, we strongly encourage parents to be waiting at the bus stop for their child at the end of the day.

5.     My child has food allergies. How does the school handle food allergy issues? Is a nurse always present with access to medications? Is there an action plan to avoid an emergency and in case of emergency?

Huegel has had a number of children with food allergies. We can provide a number of different interventions that are based on the needs of a specific child. Some children require an emergency health care plan which is written by the school nurse and distributed to the appropriate Huegel staff. There is generally a nurse or a nursing assistant at Huegel whenever the children are present. All medications are stored and administered in the Health Office.

Please contact the Huegel school nurse, Jane Imholte, at 204-3113 or prior to the start of the school year to discuss any specific health concerns.

6.     When do I get a school supply list, and when are the supplies to reach the classroom?

The school supply list is available online.  A copy is also distributed at Enrollment.

Children should bring their supplies to school on the first day or at the Back to School BBQ on Thursday, August 28. Our partner organization, American Girl, has generously donated many backpacks and school supplies that will be available for students at Registration.

7.     Where can I get additional information about Huegel?

The school policy guide will be able to provide answers to most questions. The school newsletter will also be a valuable source of information as the year progresses. We are also constantly updating the new school website so current information is readily available to parents.